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Welcome to my site. If you are looking at this version, you are here to see what I did at Summer Institute 2004. Let me tell you what you can find (e.g. which links will work). Any page linked to on the left is available, if a bit garish. Once you get to those, you will find mostly dead links. From the MIC 101 page, most links should be live. If you click the Discussion link from any page, you will go to my test blog. If you would like to see an Impatica project I created for SI2004, I've given you this shortcut so that you don't have to move through other pages to get to it. If you're interested in the Camtasia project I did during SI 2003, you can click the Computer Basics link to the left and then click the link "learn how to scroll" in the text. Feel free to send questions and comments my way by clicking on my name at the top of the page!

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