Writing groups will be established in First Class, an editing software and communications tool, in the second week of the quarter. All writing steps, including thesis, outline, mapping, sample notes, rough drafts and final drafts are to be posted to First Class on a timed schedule. Students will learn to become familiar and use this editing tool for peer review, corrections and evaluation.

Additional methodology will be presented in the first few weeks of the course. On-line editing requires active participation in the review of work by other students and the active editing of student work by the students themselves.

Writing Groups of 4 students each will be established in Week 2. Each student is to stay within their writing group for support, peer review and editing. From time to time, students may move between writing groups to observe and/or comment on work being done in another group. English as a second-language students are to announce this background to the instructor at the beginning of the course. No writing group may be made up entirely of second-language students, in order to better facilitate appropriate phrasing during the editing process.

Students requiring additional help with language-related issues may also use the college's Loft Writing Center, 2nd floor in the library.

Manners: Access to and active editing of student papers by on-line classmates requires etiquette and trust. Students are encouraged to follow rules of courtesy in language when commenting on other students papers.

All course work to be graded will be presented to the instructor through First Class on a time-based schedule, unless otherwise specified.

Installing and using the FirstClass software:

Download the FirstClass software doorway onto your computer desktop (This is the preferred option.)

Connect via the Plugin (Windows/Internet Explorer users only)

If for some reason you can't use the downloaded client, you can
try the (limited) Web Client.

After you have downloaded the courseware, your credentials for accessing it on a daily basis are:

username: first initial of first name plus whole last name
password: last six digits of your SID

North Campus
Distance Learning Tech Support

Joanne Fall


Jfall in your FirstClass mailbox