Week 6 - Your paper, your insight and truisms

Research and Writing Assignments: Proofread second draft versions for your writing group. Review and edit your paper for final submittal, Due Monday of Week 7 in dropbox.

Bedford Guide: Read Chapters 8 & 9 --Revising Your Paper and Preparing Final Copy

Movie: None

Literary Reading: Complete On the Road. Close textual reading of The Maltese Falcon for documentation in your paper


Lecture 6

Preparing your final draft for grading.

Even the most professional writer, perhaps especially the most professional writer, understands the need for revision and editorial assistance. Sometimes the writer becomes too close to their materials and cannot see what is lacking in terms of detail or recognize the flaws in logic in their own argument. Please send copies of your papers to your writing groups as soon as possible for comment. Also, you may send me your rough drafts as word attachments to sternandwalker@comcast.net, and I will attempt to read them shortly after received. Final papers for the mid-term assignmentare due next Monday, May 15, in the drop box, for my eyes only. Once these are received, or sooner, begin to look at the assignments under the next grouping, "Final Paper". Weekly assignments and lectures will appear there, just as they have for the mid-term paper in this section. There will also be one or two quizes posted, that you may answer through e-mail at sternandwalker@comcast.net. within 24 hours after they are posted.

Some of you are not responding in any way, and seeing that you are on track with the reading assignments leading up to the final paper will be helpful to you and to me. For the final paper you may choose any grouping or individual literary piece that interests you for the final argumentative research essay. Concept papers that include more than one piece--such as studies of heroes and anti-heroes, notions of the rebel, efforts to get into or out of the American mainstream, madness, remorse, guilt--you think about what interests you and choose. Talk to me about what you think might work for you. You have 5 weeks to complete this assignment, so you need to begin more rapidly. The assumption is that you have now gone through the process on paper 1 and are ready to put it to use again on paper 2 to show your ability to write a literary analysis with both close reading of the text and outside research.

For example, if you were considering the form and/or content and the intellectual "beatnik" context of "On the Road", you could look back and around at its literary antecedents and contemporaries, such as Ginsberg, Whitman, Gary Snyder and others, and at the 50's as a time seemingly in need of rebellion in film and literature. There are so many topics here--seemingly one of them could be of interest to you. Drugs, music of the time, especially jazz, the notion of the road as a means of escape could all be possible topics. You do not want to write to generally, but, rather, focus in on what interests you and dig for it in the book itself and in outside sources. For example, Whitman's love of opera and the use of the extended, operatic line in his poetry and jazz as an inspiration for the beats--ie, the spoken and sung word as the core of poetry and this novel would be an excellent and somewht narrowed topic.

Be sure that, when you get to "A Raisin in the Sun" that you are looking at the film and reading the book. They are not the same. What is left out of the film to attract a mainstream audience of whites and well as blacks can be a telling focus for a paper as well. I look forward to talking to you about your hunches and your feelings. Although the papers are written in the third person, they, obviously, should represent your own beliefs. They are arguments about your own insights and their representation to the rest of us. My expectations about your papers are that they are carefully thought out and carefully edited and proofed. No final papers will be accepted unless I have seen the draft prior.