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Instructor: Nancy Jago Finley,


What is the general layout of the course?
You read the assignment for the week, complete the quizzes, answer essay questions, and participate in discussion during the week. You are required to answer only one of the essay questions provided for each assigned chapter. You choose. If you answer more than one, it will not count as "extra credit." To access the quizzes, click on the "In box/out box" tab in ANGEL and then on the assignments folder . Responses to the essay questions are submitted to the designated dropbox. Late assignments will not be accepted.All assignments and due dates are found on the ASSIGNMENTS AND CALENDAR page.

What is considered good quality seminar participation?
There are several criteria. You can link to these criteria from the KEEP IN TOUCH page. For an "A" you will want to access the discussion at least five times per week if not more, read or skim all the posts and contribute to the discussion with posts that help other people learn by focusing on what the book says before you explore your personal interpretation. Use chapter vocabulary as much as you can. Your posts should help clarify the book and raise questions that explore substantive points, deepen the discussion and facilitate group exploration of the text. Submitting your posts early enough for your classmates to respond will also be considered and earn you "bonus points." (See self evaluation guidelines for more explanation of "bonus points.") This means by midnight Sunday before the discussion room closes.

What is turned into the instructor?
Answers to the quizzes and essay questions that accompany each reading assignment. Quizzes will be available in ANGEL as well as the drop boxes for the essays. Click on the "In box/out box" tab in ANGEL.

When are answers to the essay questions turned in?
Most quarters that will be Tuesdays at midnight. The first assignment will be due Tuesday (unless it's a holiday) the second week of the quarter. The second assignment will be due Tuesday of week three and so on.

What kinds of answers to the essay questions will earn full credit?
The more complete your answer and the more accurate, the better. Liberal use of chapter vocabulary is expected. Also, if you quote the book directly or even paraphrase the book you need to provide the page number in parentheses at the end of that passage. A good way to incorporate quotes into your writing is to make your point, quote the relevant passage and follow the quote with an explanation of what it means if it isn't immediately obvious. You also need to include the question before each answer and format your paper (put the questions in bold face or in color to distinguish them from the answers) so it is easy to read. Please see ESSAY GRADING CRITERIA.

What is proper MLA format for quotations?
You can look that up on the web or in any writers handbook. Typically ENG102 requires you to use a writers' handbook to look up things like this so they are available in the bookstore. There are also several websites such as the NSCC library and The Loft that will show you. Typically quotations or paraphrases from only one source, as is generally the case with this class, will just include the page number and not the author's name since it is already known. If it is a direct quote the page number will follow the close quote mark (since it isn't part of the original quote) and precede the period which ends a sentence. This "might be an example" (21). The NSCC Library homepage shows how to use proper MLA citation form as does The Loft. You can use APA citation methods if you prefer.

What is the difference between the seminar discussion questions and the essay questions?
The essay questions must be answered and turned in to the instructor. The discussion questions are questions that may enhance your understanding of the material and are provided as suggestions for topics that would be interesting for seminar discussion.

Can I make up my own discussion questions to submit to the seminar?
Yes. I would much prefer it since they will be inherently more interesting to you. If you aren't sure what to ask then start by using questions I have posted or reword one of my questions.

Are there any exams in this course?
There are open book true/false quizzes and responses to essay questions due for each assigned chapter. They are not timed.

Do you accept late papers?
No I do not. You of course have some grace time around the midnight deadline, but if your paper is over 20 or 30 minutes late it will not be graded and you will not receive credit for your hard work.


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