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Instructor: Nancy Jago Finley,


The first thing you need to do is read this. The second thing is to start doing what it says. You will save huge amounts of time and frustration if you prepare yourself in this way. Many of these things you can do before the quarter even begins. I recommend it.

  • Click on all the bars at the right to see what's there. Read everything. You'll be glad you did. 
  • CAREFULLY read all the instructions about essays, quizzes, and seminar/discussion rooms and read them often.
  • Once the quarter begins, complete assignments as listed in the Assignments and Calendar page. This page is in the course website and allows you to know exactly what is due and when. I recommend you print a copy so it's always handy.


  • See syllabus for name of text and get a copy as soon as you can. I've designed the course so that you can use either the 7th or the 8th edition of Berger's text.
  • Start reading the text, especially the first 3 chapters for review of what is usually covered in an introductory psychology class.
  • Carefully read the section in chapter one on correlation and causation.
  • Look at all the chapter titles and at how the text is organized.


  • Learn about ANGEL, the learning management system (our virtual classroom) that we will be using this quarter. If you've never used ANGEL before, you will want to complete the tutorial by clicking here (no login required). You will save yourself lots of time by completing this tutorial before the quarter begins. Answers to most of your technical questions can be found there.
  • Once the quarter has begun and you're able to login to ANGEL (click here to get to the login page), click on all the tabs at the top of the ANGEL page to see what's there. Look inside all the folders. Play around until you feel comfortable in your virtual classroom. 
  • Each time you login in to our ANGEL classroom, click on the Communicate tab before you do anything else. Look for announcements and other types of communication like e-mails from me or your classmates. You need to pay special attention to e-mails from me and other announcements as they may tell you about a change of assignment or due date.
  • I recommend you click on the four little arrows at the top left of your Angel screen. That will open a pane with some interesting options. Look toward the bottom and click on the word "Tasks." This will show you if you have new mail and if there are any unread posts. 
  • When in ANGEL, click on the "Lessons" tab and then the weekly assignments folder to access quizzes, discussion rooms/seminars, and forms for submitting essays. Remember, due dates are in the Assignments and Calendar page here in the course website.
  • When you're writing an essay, a seminar post, or a note to me or another classmate, notice the box icon at the top left of task bar above text box. Click on it and you maximize the editor box where the text appears. It makes it much easier to read and to enter your comments when the window is maximized. But, be sure to click it again when you've finished writing to minimize it and to expose the SAVE or SUBMIT button. Be sure to click on the save or submit button so your work will show up.


  • Quizzes and essays are intended to prepare you for a more meaningful seminar experience.
  • Please note that you are required to answer only one of the essay questions provided per chapter. Answering more will not result in any "extra credit." Also, please read the FAQ page which explains the difference between essay questions and seminar discussion questions.
  • I highly recommend that you use PIE to organize all your writing. Click here to see what I'm talking about.
  • At least five times per week, access the seminar discussion(s) going on in ANGEL's discussion rooms. Skim all the posts and then read as many that are of interest. Then post your questions, responses to posts of others, and comments on the text, my "mini-lectures," or video material. (Five posts per week would be considered “average” participation.) See Seminar Discussion Questions for suggested topics.
  • Read the instructions for how to write your self evaluation right away. Starting with Week One, you will want to keep a log of your seminar posts and replies and identify those that conform to the seminar grading criteria so you can include these examples when you write your self evaluation at mid-term and at the end of the quarter. If you keep up with the requirements of the self evaluation assignment from the beginning, it will be very easy to write when the time comes.
  • Click on the Power Point Presentations (7th or 8th edition) in this course website (See tab above right) and look at them for each chapter if they're helpful.
  • About the videos: In each week's folder in ANGEL, you'll see a folder called "videos" where you'll find links to videos that I think you might find interesting. Watch as many of them as your time and interest allow. Most of them are under 10 minutes. (A few have short ads - sorry - I couldn't figure out how to remove them - just ignore them.) Feel free to comment on what you see in the discussion room/seminar. Maybe it will encourage others to take the time to view the video! If you have suggestions for interesting videos, let me know and I might include them.
  • Occasionally in the "Weeks" folders, you'll find mini-lectures written by me to add to what you're getting from the text and each other. Be sure to take a look. They might give you ideas for posting. I'll likely add more as the quarter progresses when I learn more about what your interests are.

This is just to get you started. More detailed instructions about everything are available as you’ll see.

Note: Please contact DISABILITY SERVICES at NSCC if you want to discuss accommodations you think might be necessary to succeed in this class.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if something doesn't seem right. The Distance Learning folks are great and use them as well. 206-934-3738. I've checked and re-checked everything, but it's likely I've missed something so please let me know if you find a broken link or if something doesn't show up the way you expected. Thanks! Once the quarter begins, please send all mail to me using our ANGEL mail system.

© 2004 Nancy Finley