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Where do I find the essay questions for the assigned chapters?

Click here to take you to the questions. PLEASE NOTE THAT ESSAY QUESTIONS ARE NOT THE SAME AS SEMINAR DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. SEE FAQ PAGE in the course website so you’ll understand the difference.

Can I make up my own essay question for a chapter?

Yes! If at any point you want to respond to an essay question of your own, let me know before you do it so I can make suggestions. For example, you might want to write about something you find interesting in one of my "lectures" found in each week's folders.

How long should the essays be?

The answer is: it varies. It depends on the question. Some can be answered in a few paragraphs; others might require a page. Carefully review the essay grading rubric attached to each assignment. Click here for general comments about grading criteria for essays. You'll see that you must be thorough, use examples to illustrate your points, and point to the text. If you've met the criteria, you'll be fine. Focus on those criteria instead of the length.

Exactly how should I submit them?

Use the drop box in ANGEL organized by week. When submitting essays, please write out the entire question you are answering at the top of the page. Also, you must copy and paste your essay into the body of the post. I don't want to open attachments for obvious reasons, but I will if there are formatting problems and I can't read your essay in the text box. So please attach your essay as a Word file just in case.  Part of your essay grade will be determined by how well you followed these submission instructions.

How do I cite sources that I have used in my essay?

If you are citing our textbook, you only need to provide author's name (Berger), edition of text, and page number. You don't need to provide a full citation at the end of your essay. It would look like this: (Berger, 7th edition, page 42). If you use external sources, you must use proper in-text citations and you must cite the entire source at the end of your essay (like the name of the publication, publisher, etc.). Go to The Loft at NSCC for help with this or consult any writing manual. You can use MLA, APA, or whatever citation method you wish - just be consistent.

I’m not sure I know what plagiarism is. How can I avoid it?

Please click here for important information about plagiarism. If there is even one sentence that is plagiarized in an essay or a seminar post, the student will fail the assignment.  If a student gets no points for an essay due to plagiarism, this essay can not count as one of the "free" essays for the quarter. If you plagiarize, you can not earn any grade for the course higher than a 3.4, no matter how the points total up. If plagiarism happens more than once, further disciplinary action will be taken.

When are essays due?

They must be submitted by Tuesday midnight each week starting Week 2. See Assignments and Calendar page in the course website for specifics.

Can I turn my essay in early?

If you finish your essay before the deadline, you should always feel free to turn it in early.

Can I re-write an essay and try for a higher grade?

No. When you get feedback and a grade for your essay, this information is intended to help you improve future essays. You are not expected to do a re-write of an essay that you have submitted.

Can I turn in more than one essay for a chapter for “extra credit?”

No. For each assigned chapter there are a few options. You are required to choose only one for each assigned chapter. If you write on more than one per chapter, you will not receive "extra credit."

I think I'd like to use the case studies for some of my essays. What do I need to know in order to do this?

When you get to the companion website, scroll down until you see Case Study Exercises. Click on that link and then be sure you are looking at case studies for the assigned chapter of the week by checking the heading of the page. If you find that the links provided for a specific case study are dead and the topic really interests you, please feel free to research other web sites that you can find on your own. Be sure to cite your sources. If you find a particularly good site, please share it with your classmates by posting in the General Classroom Questions discussion room in ANGEL.

 How exactly will my essay be graded?

Please review the essay grading rubric (grading criteria) each time you write an essay. You can see these criteria when you are at the drop box for each essay.

Click here for general comments about ESSAY GRADING CRITERIA.

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