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Instructor: Nancy Jago Finley,



Welcome to this Lifespan Developmental Psychology class.

In this course, we will explore the developing person across the lifespan and across cultures. We’ll examine development from the perspective of major theorists in the field, scientific evidence supporting and/or refuting those theories, and examine newer theories that place more emphasis on cultural factors impacting development. Much emphasis will be placed on application of theories to enhance the lives of individuals and the functioning of groups with which they identify.

For those of you who want to get a head start (like before the quarter even begins) on orienting yourself to what's required in this course, start with those things that don't require access to ANGEL on the GETTING STARTED page. Then as soon as you can login to ANGEL, complete the other tasks.

The most important thing for distance learning students to do if they want to minimize frustration and perform well is to read all the instructions as soon as possible and to read them often.

Once the quarter begins, all communication among us will occur in ANGEL, our virtual classroom. You will be submitting your essays there as well as taking quizzes and participating in the discussion rooms (seminars). Please send all e-mails to me using our ANGEL mailbox once the quarter starts.

Click here to get to ANGEL where you will find login instructions. You will not be able to actually login until the first day of the quarter but as you'll see when you read the Getting Started page, there's plenty to do to prepare for this course.




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