Introduction to American Government
                               Interactive Syllabus

                                    Instructor: Keith A. Leitich






Course Title/Number: Pol 102 - American Government
Quarter: Fall 2004
Credits: 5
Class Time: Monday and Wednesday 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Classroom: IB3420
Instructor: Keith Leitich
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Course Description:
Origin and development of the United States government. Covers the structure and function of Congress, the Presidency and courts as well as civil liberties, political behavior and political parties.
Required Material:  
  1. Textbook: American Government: Continuity and Change (2002 Edition) by Karen O'Connor and Larry J. Sabato
  2. Internet Access: To participate in this class you will need Internet access and an e-mail account. Instructions to create a free e-mail account are available, if needed.
Supplementary Materials: Web resources and handouts.
Assignment structure:
There will be 5 assignments which will parallel the course outline. Please keep checking the "Homework" page of the class website for details.
5 Assignments, 5 Pop Quizzes, and a debate but NO Final Exam

Due to the length of the debates at the end of the quarter, there will be no final exam.

The Debate:

The end of the quarter debate(s) will be structured to give students the opportunity to debate opposing viewpoints. In addition, to providing a tool for critical thinking, the debates will serve to challenge participants to question their own strongly held opinions and assumptions.

In consultation with the intsructor, the class will choose the topic(s) to be debated. The debate topics will be finalized by October 13, 2004. Part of class session on every Wednesday will initially will be devoted to the debate.

Course Policies

Need for Assistance: If you need course adaptations of accommodation because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with your Instructor, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with the Instructor as soon as possible.

Instructor Responsibilities: I will make every effort to issue grades for your assignments/quizzes/final project within a reasonable timeline (usually within one week after its due date). I will 'attempt' to answer questions about any assignments/quizzes up until the afternoon before it is due, IF I AM AVAILABLE by e-mail.

Student Expectations:

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