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Exam 4 Links

Mitosis and Meiosis

Meiosis: Crossing Over and Independent Assortment


This link is like an on-line version of the transcription/translation activity we did in class! Pretty good one!

HIV (viral 'lifecycle')


Gel Electrophoresis

Chapter 9 material:
Independent Assortment



Exam 3 Links

DNA Replication


MItosis: Quiz yourself!

Mitosis and Cell Cycle game


Cancer Biology


Electron Transport Chain and ATP Synthase

Links that are always helpful:
Cells Alive: Super Images of All-Things-Cellular
Another Cool Biology Website: Lots of movies, Practice Quizzes
(click on Cell Biology to start searching for topics)

A library of other Science Movies

Wikipedia: The Online Encyclopedia
Find out more about Nobel Prizes
Prefix and Suffix Dictionary from about .com

Healthy Bacon?
Click here for a link to the article about transgenic pigs.
Click here for a link to the Daily Show clip, "What are we doing to pigs?"
Look for it under "Videos"
Click here for a Yahoo-News version of the same news story.

Atomic Structure
Covalent Bonds: Animation and mini-quiz

Ionic Bonds: Animation and mini-quiz

Movies of Chemical Bonds

Macromolecules: Carbohydrates
Macromolecules: Lipids
Macromolecules: Proteins

An article about Trans Fats in the Diet

Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes Quiz

The Lipid Bilayer: Fluid Mosaic Model

The Lipid Bilayer: Tutorial and Animation
Great Cell Membrane Tutorial with Animations

Entertaining Cell Anatomy Quiz

Animal Cell Structures (you can also find Plant Cells here, too)

Bacterial Cell Structures

Cell Movie

Three Endomembrane System Animations

1. (click on "click here to choose a unit", then click "Cells", then "Cell Membrane", then "Exo/Endocytosis", then click on images to start animation! Worth the work!



Microtubules: Flagella And Cilia
More on the Cell Membrane (with a quiz!)


Study Tips
How to Prepare for Exams
Tips for Multipule Choice Exams
Answering Essay Questions

Click here for a detailed Grade Scale.

Membrane Transport :

Awesome animation of facilitated diffusion, osmosis and active transport
The Cell Membrane

--Animation and mini-quiz
--Animation and mini-quiz
Active Transport

--Active Transport animation and mini-quiz
Endocytosis and Exocytosis

--Animation and mini-quiz

--Enzyme Tutorial
--Enzyme Activity

Cellular Respiration and Electron Transport Chain
--Electron transport chain
animation and mini-quiz

--Electron transport chain and ATP generation animation and mini quiz

--Electron Transport Chain animation

(The next three links are more in depth than what we covered in lecutre, but are nice animations)

Movie from class (complicated, but cool to look at)



Links to help you study for Exam 5
Great mini-movie on the Evolution of Hummingbirds (about 6 minutes)


Links to Help You Play, Relax, or Just Take a Break
Politics, Oh Politics
Snow Report for Local Mountains