NSCC BIO101-09 Winter 2005 

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Laboratory Notebook Format:

The lab activities are designed to help you understand and apply the skills and concepts we have covered in the classroom and to give you hands-on experience with the scientific process. This quarter, we will use both discovery science and hypothesis-driven scientific approaches in our labs. Attendance and participation is absolutely required on scheduled lab days.  No make-up labs will be allowed.  Labs for this course will be held on Tuesdays.  Lab handouts will be distributed or posted on the web and you are expected to read the handouts carefully before lab.  You are expected to keep a lab notebook, in the same way that laboratory scientists do.  Lab notebooks will be checked regularly, so be sure to take notes as you go!

Laboratory Notebook Format:

General Conclusions

Be sure to include enough detail so that an independent scientist could pick up your notebook and repeat your experiments! Do not copy the lab hand-out word for word. Use your own words to describe the methods, to interpret the data, and to draw conclusions. Your conclusions should address whether or not the objectives were met. Be sure to answer any questions from the hand-out in your laboratory notebook.

Lab 1: Using Internet Resources and Basic Bioinformatics

Lab 2: Microscopy and Cells

Lab 3: Diffusion and Osmosis

Lab 4: Mitosis and Meiosis

Lab 5: DNA Fingerprinting

Microinvertebrate Diversity Lab

Evolution Lab