NSCC BIO101-01 Winter 2004 






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Erica D. Smith  
Curriculum Vitae

University of Washington                                                                                  
Department of Biochemistry, Box 357350                                                         
Seattle , WA 98195                                                                                          
(206) 616-9484


1997-2002        Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chicago Chicago , IL
1992-1996       B.S., Biochemistry, Cum Laude, Denison University Granville , OH



2003-present    Postdoctoral Fellow, University of WashingtonSeattle , WA
Research Focus:  The role of nuclear lamins in differentiation and disease
Advisor:  Brian Kennedy, Ph.D.

1997-2002       Graduate Student, University of Chicago.  Chicago , IL
Dissertation Title:  MTB:  A novel regulator of stem cell growth
Advisor:  John Crispino, Ph.D.

1996-1997             Predoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health.  Bethesda , MD
Research Focus:  HIV-I entry into host cells: Interactions between HIV-I Env protein, cellular receptor CD4 and chemokine receptors
Advisor:  Edward A. Berger, Ph.D.

1995               Research Assistant, Oak Ridge National LaboratoriesOak Ridge , TN
Research Focus:  Characterization of the intraembryonic freezing in Anopheles gambiae mosquito embryos
Advisor:  Peter Mazur, Ph.D.

1995               Anderson Summer Research Scholar, Denison University Granville , OH
Research Focus:  Cloning and expression of human acylpeptide hydrolase
Advisor:  Charles W. Sokolik, Ph.D.


2004                Instuctor, North Seattle Community College
Science, Mathematics, and Social Sciences Division: Bio 101 Winter 2004

2003                Research Advisor, University of Washington Undergraduate Research Program
Currently training and advising an undergraduate for a two-year research project

2003                Research Advisor, Temple Minority Access to Research Careers and Physician Scientist Training Program
Directly mentored a high school student during a summer research program

2002                Laboratory Instructor, Stem Cell Workshop for Journalists
Sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Chicago

2001-2002             Research Advisor, Illinois Math and Science Academy Mentorship Program and University of Chicago Undergraduate Honors Program in the Biological Sciences
Designed a research project for, trained, and advised a high school student and an undergraduate full-time in the summer and part-time during the school year

1998-2002             Teaching Assistant, University of Chicago
Graduate Course: Molecular Biology
Undergraduate Courses: Cell Biochemistry, The Biosphere, Life and Its Principles; and Developmental Biology, Guest Lecturer
Teaching assistant responsibilities included leading discussion sections, directing laboratories, giving a lecture, writing and grading exam questions

1994-1996       Laboratory Teaching Assistant, Denison University
Undergraduate Courses: Zoology, General and Organic Chemistry


2003                NIH Genetic Approaches to Aging Training Grant Postdoctoral Awardee
1998                NIH Molecular and Cellular Biology Training Grant Predoctoral Awardee
1998                National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, Honorable Mention
1992-1996       Denison University Heritage Scholar
1994-1996       Denison University Chemistry and Biochemistry Departmental Fellow
1996                Sigma Xi, Undergraduate Science Honorary
1995                Omicron Delta Kappa, Undergraduate Leadership Honorary
1995                Mortar Board, Undergraduate Service Honor Society
1993                                Phi Eta Sigma, Freshmen Scholarship Honorary


Smith, ED, Xu, Y, Tomson, BN, Leung, C, Fujiwara, Y, Orkin, SH, and Crispino, JD.  (2003) More than blood (Mtb), a novel gene required for mammalian post-implantation development.  In Press.

Walsh, JC, DeKoter, RP, Lee, HJ, Smith, ED, Lancki, DW, Gurish, MF, Friend, DS, Stevens, RL, Anastasi, J, and Singh, H.  (2002) Cooperative and antagonistic interplay between PU.1 and GATA-2 in the specification of myeloid cell fates.  Immunity 17: 665-676.

Rengarajan J, Mowen KA, McBride KD, Smith ED, Singh H, Glimcher LH.  (2002) Interferon regulatory factor 4 (IRF4) interacts with NFATc2 to modulate interleukin 4 gene expression.  J. Exp. Med. 195(8): 1003-12.

McDermott DH, Colla JS, Kleeberger CA, Plankey M, Rosenberg PS, Smith ED, Zimmerman PA, Combadiere C, Leitman SF, Kaslow RA, Goedert JJ, Berger EA, O'Brien TR, Murphy PM. (2000). Genetic polymorphism in CX3CR1 and risk of HIV disease. Science 290: 2031. 

Smith, ED*, Salzwedel, K*, Dey, B, and Berger, EA.  (2000) Sequential CD4-coreceptor interactions  in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Env function:  Soluble CD4 activates Env for coreceptor-dependent fusion and reveals blocking activities of antibodies against cryptic conserved epitopes on gp120.  J. Virol.  74(1): 326-333.

Combadiere, C, Salzwedel, K, Smith, ED, Tiffany, HL, Berger, EA, and Murphy, PM. (1998).  Identification of CX3CR1.  A chemotactic receptor for the human CX3C chemokine fractalkine and a fusion coreceptor for HIV-1.  J. Biol. Chem. 273: 23799-804.

Schreuders, PD, Smith, ED, Cole, KW, Laughinghouse, A, Valencia , MP, and Mazur, P. (1996).  Characterization of intraembryonic freezing in Anopheles gambiae mosquito embryos.  Cryobiology 33(5): 487-501.


2003                University of Washington Department of Biochemistry Annual Retreat. Leavenworth , WA
2002                  University of Chicago Oral Research Presentations.  Chicago , IL
                          Genetics of Model Organisms Club, Graduate Student Seminar, and Mouse Development Group Meeting
2002                                     Keystone Symposium:  Stem Cells: Origins, Fates and Functions.  Keystone, CO
                          Poster Title:  A novel lineage-restricted transcription factor, MTB, is required for embryonic stem cell growth 2001                  54th Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research.  Houston, TX

1997-2001               University of Chicago Molecular Biosciences Retreat, Delevan , WI
                           Presentation (2001):  The role of a novel transcription factor, MTB, in blood cell development
                           Poster (1999):  Regulation of IFNg expression by Pip/IRF4 and ICSBP
1997                   Keystone Symposium:  AIDS Pathogenesis, Keystone, CO
                           Poster Title:  Soluble CD4 activation of HIV-1 Env for fusion with cells expressing chemokine receptors