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The emphasis in this unit is the study of forces and how forces affect the motion of an object. This unit begins with a review of vectors. Then we will talk about the different types of forces that you will encounter in this course, Newton's Laws, and how to solve problems involving forces. The diagram that you will use to organize the information about forces is called a Free-Body Diagram (FBD).

As an example, consider the situation shown in the diagram.

A tow truck is on a level road and towing a very large cement block off a rocky hill. After completing this unit, you should be able to:

  • Draw a Free-Body Diagram showing all the forces acting on the block.
  • Write Newton's 2nd Law Equations in component form for this situation.
  • Solve for the values of all forces.
  • Discuss what type of motion the block will have based on the force information.


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