ANP 213

The lectures located below are presented in two file formats.

The first is a Power Point Presentation (*.ppt) which requires Microsoft Power Point or the Free viewer available from Microsoft. 

The second is an outline in Rich Text Format (*.rtf) and can be opened and printed from most text editing programs such as Wordpad.


If you have any questions or need to contact me, please email me at

Lecture 1-213.ppt

Lecture 1-213.rtf

Lecture 2-213.ppt

Lecture 2-213.rtf

Lecture 3-213.ppt

Lecture 3-213.rtf

Lecture 4-213.ppt

Lecture 4-213.rtf

Lecture 5-213.ppt

Lecture 5-213.rtf

Lecture 6-213.ppt

Lecture 6-213.rtf

Lecture 7-213.ppt

Lecture 7-213.rtf

Lecture 8-213.ppt

Lecture 8-213.rtf

Lecture 9-213.ppt

Lecture 9-213.rtf

Lecture 10-213.ppt

Lecture 10-213.rtf

Lecture 11-213.ppt

Lecture 11-213.rtf

Lecture 12-213.ppt

Lecture 12-213.rtf

Lecture 13-213.ppt

Lecture 13-213.rtf

Lecture 14-213.ppt

Lecture 14-213.rtf

Lecture 15-213.ppt

Lecture 15-213.rtf